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Current Conditions in Fairhope

Temperature 79.0 F
Temperature Trend -1.4/hr.
Feels Like 82.1
Duck Pond H₂O: F
Relative Humidity 79%
Dew Point 71.9F
Wet Bulb 74.2F
Wind Direction ENE
Wind Speed 2.3 mph
Wind Gusting To 6.3 mph
Barometer 30.01 in.
Barometer Trend -0.021"/hr.
Rain Today 0.00 in.
Rain Rate Now 0.000 in./hr.
Rain Last Hour 0.00 in.
UV Index
Solar Luminance  lux
Solar Irradiance  W/m²
ClimaCell Pollen TS
Grass Pollen
Weed Pollen
Tree Pollen
Air Quality Index
Today's Weather
Max. Temperature 94.3 at 1:40 PM
Min. Temperature 75.9 at 5:51 AM
Max. Heat Index 113.1 at 2:10 PM
Min. Wind Chill 75.9 at 5:51 AM
Max. Wind Speed. 11.5 mph at 3:18 PM
Max. Rel.  Humidity 93% at 4:05 AM
Min. Rel. Humidity 55% at 1:27 PM
Max. Dew Point 80.1 at 2:10 PM
Min. Dew Point 71.9 at 4:26 PM
High Pressure 30.049" at 7:52 AM
Low Pressure 29.956" at 3:28 AM
Great Point Clear Station
Today's High Tide: 4:38 PM CDT 1.5 ft.
Tomorrow's High Tide: 5:27 PM CDT 1.6 ft.
Today's Low Tide: 6:22 AM CDT -0.0 ft.
Tomorrow's Low Tide: 7:21 AM CDT -0.2 ft.

Precipitation History

Rain Today 0.00 in.
Max. Rain Rate 0.000 in./hr. at 00:00 AM
Rain Yesterday 0.00 in.
Rain in Last 24hrs. 0.00
Rain in Last 7days 1.20 in.
Rain This Month 4.59 in.
Rain This Year 46.82 in.

Astronomical Info

Sun Rise 7/17/2024 at 6:00 am
Sun Set 7/17/2024 at 7:54 pm
Moon Rise 07/17/24 at 4:51 pm
Moon Set 07/17/24 at 2:05 am
Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous Moon

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About This Weather Station
Citizen's Weather Observer Program ID: KC5LIO - AR152
Weather Underground Station ID: KALFAIRH6
PWS Weather Station ID: KC5LIOWX
Station Latitude: 30.518259 North
Station Longitude: 87.817122 West
Station Elevation: 95 ft. AMSL
Instrumentation: AcuRite 01035 modified
Software: Weather Display
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